We have rescued many homes and their owners from clutter over the years, saved thousands from eviction, enabled many more to return to their condemned homes, with thousands of success stories.

College Point after Disaster Masters
College Point after  Disaster Masters
Disaster Masters removed 5 30 yard dumpsters of trash from the home and prepared it for sale, while saving the owner's treasures.
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We recently received a call from a social worker, at our New York office. She had a client that was housed in a rehabilitation center, but unable to return home, due to a “clutter condition”. Here is what we found on our evaluation of the home. The clutter was so bad, that we could not even enter the dining room.

The client had neglected himself and the home for the previous 40 years. He had accumulated over 20,000 books, magazine collections going back to the 1950’s and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of uncashed checks and buried assets.

Our specialized team of project managers rescued the home and enabled the client’s return. The assets located were enough to pay for the whole project many times over. Moreover, our coaching and follow-up procedures will ensure that this client will be able to maintain their home in pristine condition for years to come.

Hallway before Disaster Masters
Hallway before Disaster Masters
When we arrived at the home, the hallway was so cluttered that we could barely get in through the front door.
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