Our SolutionsWe’ve been in business long enough (over 30 years) to know what works and doesn’t work for disposophobic hoarders and those affected by varying degrees of disposophobia.

We know the difference between trash and treasure and how to make decisions for those who are not willing or not capable. Choose Us!

When choosing us, you are working with a company who has the expertise to know what the beginning, middle and end looks like. We do NOT write a number on the back of a business card, nor do we give free estimates. Unlike others, we charge for our appraisals because we address your issues the moment we start to consult with you. We don’t guess what needs to be done or guess how long it’s going to take to achieve your objectives.

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There are literally thousands of roads to an uncluttered life but only one is a direct path to a new and better life without dead ends, road blocks and long detours.

Where do all the contents go? Unlike garbage removal companies, we filter through the contents meticulously, so much so that most of the possessions are organized in the disposophobic’s home, or donated to charity.

Call Ron today at 1-800-ThePlan (843-7526), find out more about our solutions and get your life back on the road to success today.